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Ambience Oil Drum Bar


Our Ambience tasting bar made from 3 authentic steel oil drums and a solid red mahogany stained top. The drums include shelving as seen in the pictures. Lighting is optional.


The Ambience oil drum tasting bar is made from 3 new and original 30 gallon steel oil drums. Each drum is coated in a matte black rubberized solution and randomly accented with copper spray giving it a classic look. The two open cabinets include 3/8″ tempered glass shelves and stunning LED lights to be used for storage. The 3rd barrel in the center is used for added support. The exotic solid African Mahogany countertop includes 2 undercoats of our proprietary premium Tung Oil and is then stained “Red Mahogany.” Overall dimensions are 78″ wide X 22″ deep and 30″ height with 4″ skirt.

The lighting is optional. We offer matching overhead lights made from 2 steel barrels measuring 19″ width by 15″ height with adjustable matching chain and rustic inner lamps.


No Lights, 2 Oil Drums

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