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Customize Your Product

Our products are all custom made and built to order in house. You can choose several custom options for almost all of our products. If you have any special custom requests, feel free to contact us and we can discuss if it can be done. We love creating furniture that our clients will love so we are always open to your ideas. Browse below to view some of the options we offer for various products. These options are more detailed on the individual products’ pages.


  • Red-Mahogany

    Red Mahogany

  • English-Chestnut

    English Chestnut

  • natural


  • ebony


  • Barn-Gray-New

    Barn Gray


  • matte-black-new

    Flat Black

  • oil-rubbed-bronze-new

    Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • matte-aluminum-new

    Matte Aluminum

  • rustic-zinc-new

    Rustic Zinc

  • aged-copper-new

    Aged Copper

  • Antique-Black-New

    Antique Black


  • Standard-ORB-Faucet

    Standard – ORB

  • Standard-Nickel-Faucet

    Standard – Nickel

  • Pfister-Faucet-ORB

    Pfister Waterfall – ORB

    $195 Upgrade Fee

  • Chrome-Waterfall-Faucet

    Waterfall – Chrome

    $195 Upgrade Fee


  • Black-Screws

    Black Screws

  • Silver-Screws

    Silver Screws

Sinks (Half Barrel Options)

  • sink-options-17-oval-hammer-T

    Oval Hammered Copper

    No extra charge

  • sink-options-17-oval-hammer-nickle

    Oval Hammered Nickel

    No extra charge

  • sink-options-15-round-white

    Round White Ceramic

    No extra charge

Sinks (Full Barrel Options)

  • sink-options-Large-Deep-Hammered-Copper-Bar-Sink-T

    Deep Hammered Copper

  • sink-options-Large-Egyptian-Oval-Hammered-Sink-T

    Oval Egyptian Copper

  • sink-options-Large-Oval-Gray-Stone-Sink-T

    Grey Oval Stone

  • sink-options-Large-Oval-Hammered-Copper-Sink-T

    Oval Hammered Copper

  • sink-options-Large-Round-Chrome-Sink-T

    Round Chrome

  • sink-options-Large-Round-Egyptian-Copper-Sink-T

    Round Egyptian Copper

  • sink-options-Large-Round-Silver-Sink-T

    Round Silver

Sinks (Corner/Quarter Barrel Options)

  • sink-options-10-Round-Copper-Sink-T

    10″ Round Copper Sink

    $50 Upgrade Fee

  • sink-options-12-Round-Hammered-Copper-Sink-T

    12″ Round Hammered Copper

    $50 Upgrade Fee

  • sink-options-13.5-Oval-Hammered-Copper-Sink-T

    13.5″ Oval Egyptian Copper

    $75 Upgrade Fee

Planter Colors

  • concrete


  • terracotta


  • indian-sandstone

    Indian Sandstone

  • victorian-lace

    Victorian Lace

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