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About Wood Art World

Located in majestic Cleveland Georgia

The Brand

Located in the middle of NE Georgia wine country right off the Appalachian Parkway, we are proud to represent the finest wood workers in the country. Being a bona-fide tree hugger, I love hiking the abundant trails and rolling hills that are easily accessible from my home. I am so fortunate to make a living creating and designing natural wood items that I love!

It is also fortunate that our customers share my passion for natural hand-crafted products. They are overwhelmingly easy to deal with. I personally feel terrible if a customer is dissatisfied since I know how much they are anticipating receiving our “unusual” products. I believe I owe my success to being personally involved with such fine people, while designing a natural hand-made product that allows me to push the bounds of my creative energies.

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2139 Hwy 129 S

Cleveland, Georgia, USA

Telephone: (706) 219-0000

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Our Team

  • steve-solomon

    Steve Soloman

    Founder & CEO

  • angie

    Angie Kelley

    Operations Manager

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